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The idea of a town centre Christian presence, a bridge into the heart of our community, was first discussed in 1997 at a meeting of Willenhall church leaders. In September that year, a broad vision was agreed at an open consultation meeting.  


A steering group met through the next twelve months, looking at options, creating policies and seeking funding sources. In December 1998, one of the partner churches took the lead by renting a stall in the local indoor market hall, selling ‘charity’ items and ‘testing the water’.   

In Oct. 2001 we moved into our current premises, a three storey Victorian mid-terrace shop. After fitting out, we opened to the public the following month.


The work-load increased as more and more people came to us for help. In 2006, we took on a part-time shop supervisor to give better support and organisation to the volunteers. Today, we are running with the excellent support of a team of forty or so volunteers.


Our aim is unchanged since inception:

This was an immediate success. Many shoppers enjoyed stopping for a chat, appreciating the friendly atmosphere and affirming conversations with the volunteer staff from the churches.


Two years later we took on a full time manager, largely paid for by a three year Church Urban Fund grant. Part of the manager’s brief was to find a suitable shop building in the Town, to provide more space to enable a increasing range of activities and some private space where personal confidences might be discussed with customers. There was nowhere on the market stall for this to happen.

As the Project grew, it became clear that the loose association of churches, which then existed and which oversaw the project, was not sufficient. The churches needed to become a properly constituted body and we needed to register as a charity. Over time, these were put in place. Bridging the Gap continued to expand and improve its people-focused services.

‘To be church among the people . . . engaging with folk in their day to day lives and issues. To be on hand to befriend, support and care’.


The example set by Jesus Christ is our inspiration.